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Programs and communication in English

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4 Speaking Courses

Model UN - Crisis Resolution

Public Speaking - Art of Storytelling

Debate - Logical  Arguments

Negotiation - Persuasive Speech


Group Dynamic Simulations

Leadership and Communication Workshops

MUN for a Day!


Annual Speaking Programs

60 Hours

Classroom Instruction

Conferences Clubs Camps

Multi-Year Programs


Professional Development

Online Hishtalmut

30 Hrs + Gmul

Study Advanced Classroom Tactics

עוד לא נרשמתם?
כנסי מודל האו"ם של אמבסדור 2023

Ambassador Logo with text blue.png

Ambassador has been running English Improvement Programs since 2011, founded by Daniel Gindis, an American entrepreneur and businessman specializing in the UN and debate model, an award-winning lecturer who has revealed his passion for improving diplomatic English in Israel. Ambassador was established out of Daniel's love, the need and desire to bring fascinating experiential programs to improve English and instill a promoting diplomatic culture even at the school stage.

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