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art  The debate

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It is in the power of each of us to turn every random argument into a discussion and every statement - a winning claim.


Debate is an activity of formal debate in which two or more groups have to persuade through arguments and speaking in front of an audience. Debate imparts diverse skills, such as: culture of discussion, style of speech, logic for constructing winning arguments, agility of thought, ability to persuade and improvise in real time. Two to eight contestants argue in favor for and against a pre-agreed topic, according to rules that define the order of speeches, their number and length, as well as the content, structure and style desired. The format of a debate requires the development of several skills simultaneously. During a workshop, semester, or an entire year of debate practice, students develop a number of important qualities, such as thinking skills - logic, analytics, and creativity. Expression skills - use of the English language, public speaking.  Values - discussion culture, dialogue, and teamwork. Personal empowerment - self-confidence and a sense of competence.

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