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Ambassador Academy


Ambassador Academy is one of Israel's top education companies in Israel empowering participants with life changing communication skills. Ambassador Academy stands out as a premier training company specializing in empowering individuals with the art of public speaking. Renowned for its exceptional speaking programs, the academy excels in instilling confidence and effective communication skills through engaging group lessons.

Ambassador Program Details

  • 30 hour semester programs

  • 60 hour annual programs

  • 15-35 students per class

  • 8 hour long conferences and competitionss

  • Model UN, Debate, Public Speaking for TED, Pitch, Advocacy, Negotiation and much more!

  • Ambassador Summer Programs and Ambassador Summer Camps

Ambassador Academy's programming curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to diverse backgrounds and skill levels, providing a supportive and dynamic environment for participants to hone their public speaking abilities.


Led by experienced instructors, Ambassador Academy employs innovative teaching methods that not only focus on enhancing verbal communication but also emphasize non-verbal aspects such as body language and presentation techniques. Participants at the academy not only gain proficiency in public speaking but also develop a strong sense of confidence and poise, essential attributes for success in various professional and personal endeavors. Ambassador Academy stands as a beacon of excellence, shaping articulate and self-assured communicators in the vibrant landscape of Israel.

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